First Aid Training Courses | Essex

Instructor Led Courses

Our First aid courses are designed for everyone who wants to be able to help others should an emergency situation arise.

All organisations must ensure by law that they have a sufficient number of employees who possess a first-aid qualification to fulfil their first-aid needs at all times. Employers must ensure that their provision is ‘adequate and appropriate in the circumstances’.

It is the employer’s responsibility to decide what the requirements of the organisation are by assessing any specific work hazards and ensuring that sufficient equipment, facilities and personnel are available to deal with the consequences of these hazards.

As part of each assessment, the HSE recommends organisations should consider things such as the nature of the work and the subsequent hazards and risks, the size of the organisation, work patterns and accident histories.

We are also delighted to introduce our mental health first aid courses, which help individuals to be able to be able to support and signpost those suffering mental distress.

The skills I learnt on on my first aid course gave me the confidence and skills to help a man having a heart attack. Thank you