Anaphylaxis and Auto Injector Pen | Essex

2 Hours online learning

Anaphylaxis is often a life-threatening condition; it is vital that you are able to recognise and treat anaphylactic shock. This course will give you all the skills and knowledge that you need.

This course is designed to help learners understand more about anaphylaxis, what it is, what the symptoms of allergies and anaphylaxis are, and what can be done to help a person with anaphylaxis manage their condition.

Throughout this course you will learn more about the common symptoms to look out for amongst people you work with, live with, care for, or cater for.

Course Fee

£12.50 PP

Who is this course for?

Anyone who lives, works with or cares for people who suffer from anaphylaxis.

The course is equally suitable anyone who works with members of the public, as the course aims to help recognise symptoms of anaphylaxis amongst customers and service users who may suffer from the condition without being previously aware.

This course may be particularly useful for people who work in establishments that prepare, sell or serve food as anaphylaxis is often related to food allergies.

Excellent Paediatric first aid training today from Hazel. It was fun, professional and very well delivered. We would not hesitate to recommend.