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Our manual handling qualifications, ensure regulatory compliance and minimise the potential costs that can be incurred from work-related lifting injuries.

Manual handling injuries are the main cause of lost working days. These occur due to sprains and strains resulting from the incorrect lifting and movement of objects.  It is vital that employers educate their staff to prevent these injuries and in turn reduce the effects that these injuries have throughout and organisation.

This course is aimed at anyone who undertakes manual handling as part of their work duties. It gives delegates an understanding of safe manual handling, and is based upon the principles of safe moving and handling of loads known as the ‘kinetic’ approach to manual handling.  It also looks at risk assessments and minimising any risks of manual handling injuries.

The online course offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own surroundings.  Whilst having the full support of your tutor should you need it.  `This course is fully certificated.

Course Fee

£20 PP Inc. Online training

Group booking discounts available.

Who is this course for?

Over 33% of all work related injuries are from manual handling. In fact back injuries are the biggest cause of staff absence in the UK and yet most are preventable! Regardless of the organisation that you work in Manual handling will inevitably play a roll. This ranges from working in an office and needing to pick up paper from the floor to working on a building site and carrying heavy bags of cement and bricks.

Manual handling training is essential for all employees if as an employer you wish to protect your staff against preventable and very often chronic injuries. This 1 day course will provide staff with a knowledge of why manual handling is so important and the injuries that can occur when performing task with incorrect posture. We provide this courses through an online learning platform.  With this course however we are able to create a training package that will link directly to the manual handling that your staff are required to perform please contact us directly for more details relating to bespoke courses.

Hazel’s able to taylor this course to make it relevant to our organisation which kept everyones attention throughout.